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A touch of architectural art for your facade needs to make it look more beautiful and professional

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Kencana Mirae Industri

It is an affiliated company of the Kencana Group which is a companies engaged in the CPO (Crude Palm Oil), Oil Tanker, Property, and Power Plants based in Singapore and Indonesia. With Head Office at Kencana Tower Buildings West Jakarta Kebon Jeruk Business Park Area.

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The facade of the building is an important part of an architectural work. This element is the first to be seen, assessed, and appreciated by the public and connoisseurs of architectural art. Kencana Mirae is here as an experienced solution provider for your building with a wide selection of high quality product brands and guaranteed quality.


Experienced in the field of Aluminum and UPVC Applicators and Distributors

Quality Products

High quality products and guaranteed quality

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Presenting products with various International and Local brands


Applied by certified experts


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A wide selection of high quality products that we provide for your facade solution needs.

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Reference from the work of our skilled hands for the best results for you.

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We provide a virtual showroom for you to see and find out more about our products and workmanship.

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Our writings are about the facade to the art of architecture.

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Interested in Making Your Building Have the Best Facades Art Touch So It Looks More Professional?

We are happy to discuss this further and in depth with you, our marketing is very open to providing you with the best product solutions.