ASTRAL by Allure Aluminium

ASTRAL by Allure Aluminium

Astral represents the new versatility of aluminium windows and doors. Inspired by leading technologies in the western and eastern hemispheres, Astral provides window and door products suitable for your private home, residential complexes, apartments and even commercial projects such as offices and malls.

Their classic lines are the perfect complement to the modern architectural style. The fascinating attributes of these aluminium elements are their excellent fitness for use, even under extreme loads, and assured perfect functionality at all times.

Astral aluminium elements are timeless, individual, and highly convincing with many positive properties. The profiles are extremely durable, and require only low maintenance over their long service lives. Moreover, Astral aluminium elements are non-flammable, colourfast, and 100% recyclable. Thanks to their high stability and load bearing capacity, elements can be produced in extraordinary sizes and with various glass options.

Their weather resistance lends them long term durability, and they are maintenance free to the greatest possible extent. They fulfil virtually all architectural challenges affecting colour, shape, and design. The value and appearance of these aluminium structural elements are therefore preserved – with the corresponding cuts in the cleaning, maintenance, and care costs for your projects.

With partners across the archipelago, Astral and Kencana Mirae are ready to serve all your window, door and facade needs. How your own home looks depends on the design of the window elements. After all, windows, doors and sliding systems characterize the style of your home. For this reason, Astral offers designers great leeway in window and door choices.

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