Jager UPVC

In 2014 Kencana Group has expanded its production line to include uPVC business. With the project reference that has been obtained by PT Kencana Panelindo through its ACP products, PT Kencana Mirae is confident that it can provide other building material products, namely uPVC with the best quality. By using the latest technology in fabricating the uPVC process, Kencana Mirae is optimistic that it can dominate the local market in Indonesia.
Supported by several well-known uPVC profile vendors from Germany and Asia, namely Rehau and Conch, as well as the largest glass manufacturers Asahi and Mulia Glass. In accordance with Kencana Mirae’s previous commitment, we do not only sell products, but also maintain the quality of installation in the field, supported by reliable field technicians. Kencana Mirae is confident that it can meet the various kinds of market demands for uPVC products.
JAGER uPVC and aluminium window system has several qualities to meet customer demands:
  • Fire protection, JAGER window and door is made specifically with materials that slows down the spread of fire
  • Easy Maintenance, JAGER window and door does not require any paint coating, because of the smooth surface of the uPVC and lack of pores, it is easy to clean and does not require any special maintenance.
  • Weather Resistant, due to its uPVC profile, JAGER window and doors will not rust or rot, or even lose its colour due to extreme weather
  • Energy Conservation, with its low thermal conductivity, JAGER Windows and Doors ensure that the temperature of an air conditioned room will stay cool longer, reducing the overall electricity cost for the Air Conditioner.
  • Noise Barrier, all JAGER window and door uses a “double sealed” system between its frame and shutters using EPDM to minimize noise.
  • Double Lock System, equipped with a multi-point locking system to ensure safety, JAGER windows and doors cannot be forcefully opened from the outside.
  • Accessories from Europe, using the best key and locks from Europe, with various types of models and colours and a 10-year warranty.

Kencana Mirae Believes that JAGER Doors and Windows would be an excellent choice for any individual looking to improve the quality of their homes affordably, with various options to choose from to fulfil the specific needs of each individual.

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